How Do I Use %text%, %device%, %value% To Notify In Rule Machine?

I have a rule that notifies me of monthly energy use.
I had to set a variable, "energy", and use that in the notification as %energy%.

If it would've been something else, that the Notifications app covers, it would've been possible, and I could've used %text%.

If I try this without going the variable approach, all I get are "nulls".

How does one use %text%, %device%, %value%, etc, in Rule Machine?

Those values come from the trigger event.

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Thanks. I'll give it a whirl.

I can't figure out how to do a periodic notification for 12AM on the first day of the month.

I can get %value% to work if I put it in Trigger, but nothing is available to get the periodic notify.

Can't do two triggers, because it's OR.

Can't use a required expression for the period, because that choice is not available.

I must be missing something.

You do this, instead of using the Energy as the trigger:

To get the energy level, you pull it into a variable, and notify with the variable.

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Ok, thanks.