How do I use each relay of a dual-relay (Enerwave RSM2) in Rule Machine

So, I moved all my z-wave and Lutron devices from Wink to HE (and a Caseta Pro bridge) yesterday and today - I even have a few automations and motion lighting working, so I'm pleased as punch.

One of the devices I moved over was an Enerwave RSM2 dual-relay switch. Once I added a suitable driver, it was easy to configure, and I can control each of the relays independently through the web interface for the device. There's are On1, Off1, On2 and Off2 buttons.

Now how do I use each of the relays independently in automations using Rule Machine. Ideally, I'd like to give each of the switches a unique name in Hubitat as well. Right now, the name is whatever I chose when I added the RSM2 to Hubitat.


Never mind figured it out. Had to use virtual switches after creating custom on1, on2, off1, off2 commands for each dual-relay. Works great!

Which driver are you using and virtual switches code? I just dug out an old spare Enerware RSM2 and wanted to use it in Rule Machine

I'm using @ericm's Eric Maycock's RSM2 driver.

You can create separate on/off commands for each of the two relays as custom commands. Custom commands used to be part of Rule Machine before Rule 4.0 - it has now been moved to Button Controller.


Do you have any links on how to set these up using custom commands? Currently I can only control one of the relays using on/off but no idea how to control the other one... I get the idea of Virtual switches but don't know much about how to link them to custom commands to get use of each channel

try this driver

Sorry to bring up an old thread..... I was able to make a virtual switch to use the relays and it works well. The issue I’m having is if I manually turn it on/off it isn’t updating the virtual switch to on/off. I’m currently using only one relay hooked up via a pull chain for a light in our garage. It shows the change in the device page but like I said it doesn’t update the virtual switch!? How do I go about that? Thanks

I have the same issue.

Did you get it working?

@murv82 @TheMigDig

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Create two virtual switches - one for each relay within the Enerwave RSM2.
  2. Using Rule Machine, create a rule that uses Custom Actions to run the commands relay1 On() and relay1 Off() when with first virtual switch is turned on or off.
  3. Do the exact same thing for the second virtual switch, except the Custom Actions will be relay2 On() and relay2 Off().

Found an old post of mine with the rule neatly laid out ...

Wow, thanks.

My issue it that I also have an Inovelli Red Series Switch which runs on1() on 1 push up and then runs off1() on 1 down push.

I can get the above working great.

I can get the virtual switch you wrote about here working great.

The problem is that when I use the wall switch, the virtual switch does not stay in sync. It still works to toggle it on and off, but a dashboard with that virtual switch will then show the opposite state until I use the wall switch again to bring them in sync, and so on.

In essence if I am looking at my dashboard, I cannot really tell if it is on of off since I can't trust they are in sync.

You need a second rule, which changes the state of the virtual switch when the real switch changes .....

I was wondering if there was a way to do it in that same rule but it seems I could get myself into an endless loop within the same rule.

I will give it a go right now.

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Rules are free. You can make as many as you want. Keep them as simple as possible.


I just made my original rule that explicitly ran on1 and off1 run the virtual switch which is ultimately in charge of what state it and the light should be.

Rinse and repeat for the fan.

FYI your screenshots were invaluable.

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Noob, I downloaded the driver code, now what?
The item is paired, and I called it a generic Zwave relay.
But I think it is triggering both on, when I select on. (I am not sure, since I only need it as one relay and only wired one output.)
But I do not have the features listed here. I have another one of these I want to use both relays, but am not sure how to make it work.

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