How do I trigger a sound to play on my Google Mini from a sensor Notification?

I have my Google devices configured and in the Device page, I can play a sound file via URL from a local HTTP server. I have even set up the Chromecast helper app to keep the devices awake.

So, how do I hook up a notification? The OEM Notification app lets me specify text for a spoken alert, but not a sound URL. What is the missing puzzle piece? These audio devices are dead ends.

Use rule machine, see example below.

Thanks! Sorry for the extremely remedial followup but can you clarify...

Do I need to do EVERYTHING in Rule Machine or am I still checking the sensor with the Notifications app and then somehow invoking something else set up in Rule Machine?

I swear, if this was all written down somewhere, I would read it. It seems like every time I want to try something new it's a forum search and then usually, a forum post...

You will find the forum happy to assist but we will need more context of what you want to do.

You will want to do this automation in rule machine.

Here is a link to Rule Machine Documentation.

we will need more context of what you want to do

If an open/close sensor is open for X minutes, play an MP3 on the Google speaker, repeating every Y minutes.

The Google speaker IS set up and the MP3 is available via http, and I can play it from the device page.

I know the Rule Machine can do it, because it can do everything. I do not know if there is a better way to do it. The Notifications app looks great, makes it really easy to check the sensor and configure alert repeats... it just doesn't let me play a sound file, it only lets me configure TTS.

If you want TTS then you can use the notification app, for the mp3 file you would use Rule Machine.

I am just heading to bed at the moment. I will check back when I get home tomorrow evening and can assist further if someone hasn't already written it up for you. Tagging @bertabcd1234 as he is always extremely helpful and this will require some detail if you are unfamiliar with Rule Machine.

Thanks much. I was in another thread and must have misunderstood--sounded like the other posters were playing MP3s from Notifications but I was mistaken.

You can peace together the rule using what I showed above and this rule:

Closest I already have to what you need, but a good framework for the rule.


Great, thanks. I think I have all the puzzle pieces now.


My rule machine doesn't have any of these options. No place to select Actuators...etc... Can you explain how you got this menu?

When you are adding an action, select the option that includes Custom Action, select Run Custom Action from the drop-down list that appears, then select the Actuator capability, then the device, command to run, etc, etc.

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Got it working... Thank you!!!!

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