How do I set up lighting and fan automations?

Starting out with Hubitat and I need to figure out how to get these automations done...

Scenario #1. Let's say I have a circuit with multiple Sylvania Zigbee dimmable bulbs. The same room has an Iris V2 motion sensor. I want the lights to come on when motion is detected, and go off say 3 minutes after motion stops.

Scenario #2. Similar situation, but with 2 motion sensors, either should be able to trigger it.

Scenario #3. Another room with a Zooz Zen27 dimmable switch in Zwave, and more of the Iris motion sensors. Same on / off requirement, HOWEVER this one would require that if say the time is between 10:00 P.M. and 6:30 A.M. then the lights should come on at say 30% intensity, otherwise they should come on at 100%.

Scenario #4. I have several rooms with Hampton Bay / King of Fans Zigbeen ceiling fan / light controllers. And the aforementioned Iris motion sensors. If the motion sensor in that room reads say 71 degrees F, turn the fan on low, and then increment every 2 degrees until on max.

TIA, I am sure this would be more obvious if the hub were here and i was logged in already... Just trying to get my head around it and ahead of the game a little bit...

I use Motion Lighting and Modes for my scenarios that are similar to your 1, 2, and 3.

Here is the Motion Lighting rule for my Kitchen. It has one motion sensor and four secondary sensors in adjacent rooms (if active they will keep the lights on). The brightness and specific lights that are triggered are based on the current mode.

Here is a snapshot of how the modes are configured:

So if I am reading that right, there is a presence argument there. How does it determine presence? It would be nice if the cat wouldn't trip lights on at night...

I am not using any presence sensing - only motion.

I have an 11 pound dog - she trips the sensors. I actually like it because I can keep track of her . . .

The Documentation link at the top of every forum page can be useful. Some real effort seems to be ongoing to improve the documentation.

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There is a build in app called Zone Motion Controllers. You can setup a motion aggregate zone where either motion sensor will trigger the lighting.

Welcome to the community. FWIW....I have found the online tutorials to be helpful in learning the system.