How do I restore my hub's connection to the cloud

My hub has lost it's connection to the cloud and no longer appears in my registered hubs. I am using it as a remote hub but I cannot access it through remote admin because it is not connected to the cloud. How do I fix this? Soft reset did nothing. I am considering factory reset but am unable to find instructions on how to do it.

Lately, the most common cause for this type of issue is trying to use the Hubitat Hub's Networking Static IP option. Please use DHCP on the Hubitat hub, and simply reserve a static IP address in your router's DHCP server. This typically solves the problem.

There is also a network reset button hidden on the bottom of the hub. Pressing that button with a toothpick, for at least 7 seconds, will reset only the hub's network settings back to DHCP. There is a documented procedure for this in the Hubitat Docs.


I can access the hub locally so the IP is not a problem. The problem is it is not connected to the hubitat cloud and does not show up in my registered hubs. I can't even do a firmware update because of this. I thought a factory reset would enable me to reregister the hub and reestablish a cloud connection.

There really isn't a factory reset in the sense you mean...

Then how do I get my hub connected to the cloud so I can use it again? Are you telling me all I have is a paper weight now?

Your being able to access the hub on your LAN does not mean the hub can access Hubitat’s cloud. Please follow the directions @ogiewon indicated, especially if you have set a static IP on the hub itself, as opposed to a DHCP reservation on your router.

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I'm a bit baffled as to why this worked but it did. My hub is connected to the cloud and shows up in my registered hubs. I don't understand why a static IP would cause a connection problem, an IP is and IP why does how it gets it make a difference? Apparently this is a C7 problem because my C5 hub has worked flawlessly for 2 years with a static IP. Are they working on a fix for this problem?

Thanks for the help

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The issue that many people who assign a static IP fail to assign DNS servers that can be reached by the hub. If that is done, there won’t be any issues ….


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