How do I remove wire from this switch?

Hi all,
I am trying to remove a regular switch from the house. I am somehow not able to remove the line and load wires from the switch. I have tried screwing/unscrewed the wire screw but the wire is just not budging. I read that in some switches, there might be a release tab which needs to be pushed, but I cannot find one.

Does anybody have any pointers on what can i try to remove the wires from this switch? It seems to be Hubbel ag13.

Pull really hard. But if it were me, I'd just cut each wire where it enters the switch, throw all of that in trash, and then restrip the wire to use with a new switch - the little bit you cut off should still leave you plenty overall to work with.

ETA - people who actually use those dumb backstab options on switches & outlets should be flogged in public - backstabbing is terrible on so many levels.



There often is a place to stick a small flat screwdriver to release the spring. But regardless, these switches don't belong in a house that you want to keep. Cut the wire and toss the switch.

Edit: +1 also to the comment below. Backstab = bad. Backwire (such as found on Jasco smart switches) = good and preferable even to the shepherd hook.


I carefully twist the switch while gently pulling the wire. Sometimes you get lucky and they back out. But other times you cut the wire and start over.

For sure. That is the absolute worst way to wire anything. And most likely to cause a fire or just have poor connections. It is just lazy. I always go for backwire devices whenever possible which are much better than the J-hook or backstabs.


Can we assume you turned the screw fully in and fully out and neither helped?

Press the screw in when unscrewed?

What brand is this? It looks like a Bryant / Hubbell which is an very good product.

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While I agree with you 100%, it appears it is legal per the NEC.


Thanks all! I finally was able to replace my switches with your advice. I cut two wires to make short work of it. I pulled one of the wire really really hard to get it out, and the last wire somehow popped out by itself by the end of this ordeal.
New GE ZigBee switches now installed and paired!