How do I read this power consumption data (AEOTEC Smart Plug)

I've got an AEOTEC Smart Plug running and hubitat, and here's the data so far

How do I read this? I just want to know the

  1. CURRENT Wattage consumption
  2. Total wattage consumption since monitoring started

So that i may calculate the total KWH and cost of said device.

Energy is KWH.
Power is current wattage being pulled.


To elaborate a bit on what @FriedCheese2006 mentioned, since “energy” is a calculation of kWh, there’s no need to calculate that yourself.

The “energy duration” attribute specifies how long ago time zero for the kWh report was, and can be reset if needed so that one could keep track of, for example, monthly energy usage.

You would still need to calculate energy cost yourself though, which is simple if your rate never changes. But less so if your electric utility company does time-of-use rates.


I see

I checked again (after 8hours) and this is the reading

So the unit consumed 0.89kWH already in 8 hours, correct?

is this accurate though?

How do I get the actual WATTAGE being consumed at the moment? I am interested in that too.

Looks like the "power" number is current wattage.

According to your screenshot, yes. But I don’t know how any of us could verify if that’s accurate. If you post a screenshot of how you installed the clamps and describe a bit what you are trying to measure (whole house consumption? A single circuit?), then maybe we can help confirm whether it’s installed according to spec and if the reported energy usage over that time seems plausible.

Also in @FriedCheese2006’s answer above.

Just keep in mind the frequency of power reporting, and other attributes, is configurable, so it’s showing you the wattage at the last time the aeotec device sent an updated value. You can set it to report very frequently, but it’s possible to overwhelm a z-wave mesh with too much traffic being sent from an Aeotec HEM.

Ahh, well this is just a plug (not clamp style) and the aircon plug is connected through this zwave plug. so that's that.

I think ill go buy a killawhat or similar device so i can compare.

thank you @marktheknife and @FriedCheese2006

Based on 0.899 KWH over 8.26 hours, that is 109 Watts average. Looks about right compared to your current draw of 137W. which lines up near your V*A number. Something isn't quite exact though.

The voltage seems low though. 85V is very low for a commercial power source. Dangerously low for most electronics.

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Aha, sorry I should’ve been looking more closely at the title and OP. I assumed it was an aeotec Home Energy Monitor, which installs in the breaker panel.

Comparing to a kill-a-watt sounds like a good idea.

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I'm sure that voltage reading is not accurate if it's 85V, that's not enough to power the appliance.

However since there are 3 voltage readings (Voltage, H, and L) if I add them up it is 254 which is close to 240V which is our rated voltage here. So perhaps that's how Aeotec breaks it down?

Which driver are you using?

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