How do I overide a rule

How do I overide a rule if my garden lights are already on

Is it because my aqara no neutral light switch is showing up as a button I can't select it
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You want to look at the child device, Garden Lights. That is what you have to check whether it's one or not. Isn't that the one that you are turning on or off?

And all you will do is create another condition of the lights being off.

Just to follow up what @Ryan780 has said, did you generate a child device by pressing the "Recreate child Device" button. This is what you should be using in any rule.

When I go to a condition I can't see a option for a child device I've looked under all options

Have I added my aqara switch correctly

Have you installed the Generic Child Switch Driver?

metadata {
    definition (name: "Generic Child Switch", namespace: "guyee", author: "P�ter Guly�s") {
        capability "Refresh"
        capability "Actuator"
        capability "Switch"
        capability "Light"

def refresh() {

void on() { 
    log.debug "$device on"

void off() {
    log.debug "$device off"

You just select switch and then select Garden Lights. Just like you did for the action.

You can see in the screenshot that the devices are created. Also, she wouldn't have been able to select them in an action if they weren't installed.

I have these switches and the screenshot shown is not of the child device. It is the parent device.

I have the same thing
Its once I add a new condition , Control switches / push buttons then I can’t seem to find out how to say If the switch is ON I only can see
Double tap

Exactly. That's the problem....the child device is what should be used to check if the child device is on or not, not the parent device.

If the child device wasn't create, how would they be able to control it in the rule? you know how to create a condition? Select the switch capability and then find Garden Lights.

That's not the right screen then. Conditions are not controlling anything. I would review how to work with conditional statements again.

I'm such a dimbat I was looking for Name EP3
When I should of been looking for the Label instead

Thanks for all you help guys

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