How do I know what template to use for a device?

Hi C7 Newbie, I successfully included a Qubino Flush 2 (Double switch).
But how do I get the childs to work , what templates should it be? Nothing works...

Im a vera user trying to get a grip of Hubitat C7 but what ever I do it seems to be problems and timeconsuming...


I do not have those, but use the Zooz contact which has 3 relays. When added to HE it creates a main device and three child devices. To control each relay you use the child device not the main device (click on the child device to open the device page and check the controls there).

As for a template, you must be speaking of dashboard tiles? If so you should use the 'switch' template, and put one for each child device. If you wanted to control both units you could also add a 3rd 'switch' tile for the main unit.

If that is not it let me know what I missed.


Hi. It has 2 childs (2 relays) . But the child tile does not behave right . It doesn't turn on or off and the "right" template does not occur (switch).
When I go into device list and test the configbuttons it works great...

Please post a screen shot of your tile device and templates selections.

Should look something like this

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yeah that's right.

For completeness, can you also post a shot of that child device's page. Make sure it includes the "type" at the bottom

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Great thanks and to confirm the on/off work correctly from that page right?

From what I see you have everything set correctly.

tagging @bcopeland @bobbyD @moncho1138 to see if they are aware of an issue with that device and the dashboard tile template.

Thanks for providing this info it should help isolate the problem. Stay tuned

Yes , I have tested both child from that page and they work..
Thanx. Mattias

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