How do I interface 802.11 WiFi-enabled devices?

I am experienced with ST and have been coding and developing hardware solutions for many years. I am brand-new to Hubitat and I am looking for a basic recommendation:

I am building a hardware solution to WiFi-enable Bosch TriTech motion detectors using ESP8266 modules and NodeMCU. I assume that Hubitat offers multiple connection methods (APIs). Can someone please suggest a Hubitat API that would be a reasonable first step?

The ESP8266 modules and NodeMCU support a number of communication mechanisms, including MQTT. I expect the interface should be relatively simple because it will initially include just motion and thus the reports will be binary. I may decide to add ancilliary sensors like lux, temperature, humidity, etc. later. The hardware will be powered by 12VDC wired connections and won't have batteries, so I don't need to monitor battery status.

I'm not looking for step-by-step instructions. I just need a suggestion for which Hubitat APIs I should investigate first.

Thanks in advance!

There are currently 2 projects that interface esp8266 devices to Hubitat...Hubduino and Konnected. You can use either as a template for yours....but why reinvent the wheel :wink:

I am currently using both in different ways and they both work really well. Hubduino provides a LOT more flexibility and device types though.

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On top of the examples @stephack mentioned, check out the Maker API as well:
Hubitat™ Maker API - Hubitat Documentation