How do I get the beta version of the mobile app?

I subscribed as tester and it confirmed I am a tester now but now what? How can I get the beta app for testing? will the current hubitat app be transformed to be the beta one or will there be a separate app ? what is next step?

@Aldo See Mobile App Public Beta Testing
If you are on iOS you will need to visit the testflight link from your iOS device.

yeap that link is where I subscribed but there is no much details. It says "You'll receive an update to the Hubitat Mobile app if you already have it installed on your device" and I have not received anything, so will it update automatically from the normal app to the Beta one (as I have all my apps to automatically update periodically) ?? how can I know if is already in Beta/testing version ? I am in Android..

I signed up to the Android app yesterday and it updated some time later. I assume iOS will be the same.
Now running
Version 1.2.8.
Build 41.

for me, the version shown in the setting in the app is 1.28 is that the beta one? How can I know ?

This is the beta app version and build.
To get the build go to the app.
Click on settings.
Show debug Information.
It's at the top.

then I guess I am not in beta yet, as it show version 1.28 build 41. Any idea how to force to get the beta one ?

As said above, this is the beta version and build.

you said 1.2.8 and I have 1.28 is that the same ?


@Aldo If you open the Play Store app on your phone and find the Hubitat app, it will show you that it is beta.

Got it, thanks

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