How Do I Get Rid Of This Pesky Ghost?

No option to remove. Discover does nothing. Thanks.

Click refresh a couple of times till the remove button shows. Then click remove and wait

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I did the refresh 10 times: no luck.

Then I did the shutdown, remove power for 30 sec, and restart thing.
I got more info this time, including the option to repair, which wasn't there before.
Didn't touch the repair, but hit refresh once, and that gave me the option to remove.


That usually helps any time you have issues with the buttons on the Zwave status page. Just had to do that yesterday trying to get the "Replace" option to show up for a device I factory reset.


Wait how long ? Minutes , days or ?

I have been trying to pair a couple of schlage zwave locks today and this created 8 ghosts. I have both locks powered off and factory defaulted both at this point,

I can click on the refresh in the zwave status settings for each ghost entry and that will give me the remove option, when i click on remove it then shows the device as Pending, i waited an hour and no changes, i did a reboot and this removed all the pending status but didnt remove any of them,

I have not found a doc or post on exactly what i should expect to see happen here.. and should i go back and do a refresh and then select remove or ?

Thanks in advance ..

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