How do I get help in regards to Hub Protect?

I am a little frustrated. It’s been a little over 12 hours since I submitted a support case related to the z-wave radio in my hub quitting. Not even a “we got your submission” email. I get they can be busy, but I pay $30 a year for replacement coverage. I would expect that to be something that is handled quickly as I paid for something above and beyond the basic warranty. Even worse, if you go to and click support at the bottom, it prompts you to email for help. So I email all the details only to get an automated email back telling me it’s an unmonitored mailbox and to submit my request elsewhere. Right now several key functions in my home don’t work, and the only response I have gotten back is from the mail address that is unmonitored. If I am paying extra it should not be this hard. Nice big easy buttons to sell me the service, not much in the way of making it easy to use the service. I just want the service I paid for so my house will work again.

Warranty requests can be filed with this web form.

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I believe that link is included in the automated email you received.

It would probably save time if they updated the link you clicked that popped up as an email to support.

Which page exactly had the link to email?

2 Likes then click subscriptions. Are you saying to use the warranty form for hub protect? They don’t exactly make it clear.

Yes you can use that form.


If you submitted your Hub Protect claim successfully, you should have got a message on the web page indicating that your submission has been received. Receiving this message is indication that your claim has been received. Did you not receive this message upon submitting your claim?


I know you did not ask for help with the z-wave issue exactly, but I just want to make sure that you have already tried to shut down the hub and unplug it for 30 seconds then power it back up? This is the only way to restart the z-wave radio if it crashes for some reason and many people are not aware of this. If you already tried this and it is still not working then I think you are on the right path already with the warranty claim.


Any chance you recently changed how you are powering your Hubitat hub? It has been established through extensive testing, that the C8 and C8 Pro hubs's Z-Wave radios do not like inexpensive PoE splitters.

If you're not using the power supply that came with the hub, you may want to give it a try to see if the Z-Wave radio starts working again.

Whatever the cause, I hope the issue gets resolved for you soon!


Many times, to no avail.

Nope, not using POE. Though I rebooted it a couple more times tonight and I finally started working again on the second reboot. For now..

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Sorry to hear that your hub is having problems, and thank you for your feedback on the Subscriptions page. We will make the necessary corrections to be less confusing.

Regarding your Z-Wave, if you can send me the hub id, I'd be more than happy to take a look to see if you are dealing with a hardware malfunction or a misbehaving mesh network.