How do I get a dimmable light bulb to set to a certain level each time it turns on?

I have a smart dimmable bulb that is turned on through a dumb wall switch and I would like it to be set to a certain level based on time of day.

For example, from sunset to sunrise, I would like it to be at 10%. It is alright if it is briefly at 100% before it adjusts, but how do I get it to check what level it should be at each time it turns on?

You create rules. This could be a Rule Machine rule, or is could be a simple lighting rule. The trigger can be any number of devices. Here's a example with a simple RM trigger. You would want something to turn the light off, but if you're going to have different levels depending on the time of day, you might want individual triggers to set the different levels, and just a single trigger to turn the light off.

You can also create a simple lighting rule which does roughly the same thing, but your off times are more limited with Simple Lighting.

this is a bad thing, 99% of smart bulbs are designed to have a constant state of power, they are not designed to controlled from the existing wall switch.
If the switch is off, then the bulbs radio is off and you won't be able to control it from Hubitat.
One solution to this problem is to remove the switch entirely and connect the switch wires together so the circuit is on all the time, then either put a blank face place over the junction box, or place a button controller there instead.


Thank Mike. @matt.thaxton I didn't catch that in your post, so yeah, don't do that. Everything I posted will not work if you're cutting power to the bulb. Most turn on to 100%. You don't want to base a rule of the light just coming online with Hubitat. It's not going to work.

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