How do I find a / remove a device with the same device network ID exists

2023-02-12 03:01:09.503 PMwarndescription logging is: true

dev:19902023-02-12 03:01:09.502 PMwarndebug logging is: true

dev:19902023-02-12 03:01:09.501 PMinfoupdated...

dev:19902023-02-12 01:15:41.929 PMerrorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: A device with the same device network ID exists, Please use a different DNI on line 160 (method configHandler)

It would be helpful to know what driver (or app creating a device, possibly) this is originating from. If it's a custom driver, a link to the code would also be good.

But in general, the driver (or perhaps app) must be trying to create a child device or change its own DNI, but something else already exists with that DNI. The DNI is visible on the Devices list by making sure the "eye" icon (top right) is enabled, or on each device detail page itself, but this is unlikely to help without knowing what it's really trying to do. It's also possible everything is OK aside from the fact that the device (or app) tries to re-create the child under certain circumstances and isn't checking first. Just a couple possibilities, but more information could help.

I am using a Shelly 1 dimmer. I reset it to the factory - I think. Shelly has taken down information on this dimmer.
The next question is what driver do I use on this dimmer?

Thanks for the quick response!

Some more Info:
Hubitat is sending commands to the Shelly devices. I started with Hubitat 4 years ago. I started using Shelly a little latter I got up to 25 Shellys. I got busy with other things and have started having some problems. I got a new router and started cleaning the messes. I had not kept up with Hubitat, over the years - Boy have you all been busy.

If there is a built-in driver for you model, you can try they one. Those are listed here with the devices:

If not, there are also community drivers or offerings from the manufacturer for many, too.

In your case, I'd make sure you don't have this devices added already. With the built-in drivers, the DNI will likely be set to the MAC or IP (in hex, so probably not what you're used to) -- I don't know which and don't have any to test with, but this is what lets it receive status updates from the device. So, if you already had the device added, adding the new one could fail as the driver tries to set its DNI to one of these things.

That will Keep Me busy for awhile

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