How do I factory reset my hub?

I got a C8 hub a few weeks ago. I’ve been methodically trying to transition from a SmartThings setup. I got most of my roughly 150 zigbee and z-wave devices transitioned to Hubitat but had a lot of problems adding the last couple dozen devices. The biggest issue was with pairing z-wave devices. The hub would discover the device but get stuck initializing. I kept trying to add the devices over and over again until I decided to read up. I’ve read all the best practices for setting up mesh networks and realize some of the mistakes I made. So I removed all of the devices from my hub, but there are still 39 UNKNOWN devices communicating with my hub. I did a soft reset and rebooted the radios (resetting the radios does not show up as an option anywhere I can find)..I’ve now removed all devices from the hub and am trying to hard reset so that I can start over and create a better mesh network using the best practices defined in your support documentation. Problem is I can’t figure out how to wipe the hub so that I can start over with a clean slate. Please help! Thanks!!

You don't need a factory reset for this.

But a reset of the radios would be helpful.

Eventually, this should become available again in the Diagnostic Tool. For now, if you still have access to a platform version of 2.3.6 or older, that is the easiest way to make it happen (then it will be under Settings > Zigbee Details and Settings > Z-Wave Details). Downgrading is also done via the Diagnostic Tool (Settings > Diagnostic Tool, but make sure you have your MAC address from Settings > Hub Details copied first to make this easier) using the "Restore Previous Version" option.

If 2.3.7 (or nothing) is all you have there, you can force 2.3.6 to download by going to <hubIP>/hub/advanced/downloadPlatform/236, waiting a few minutes, and then trying again.

One of these things should work!


YES! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! That change brought the option back to reset the radios and I seem to be back in business.