How do I disable the cloud access to my Hubitat

I'm new to Hubitat so forgive the ignorance, but I thought I'd ask here. How do I disable the cloud access to my Hub? I was thinking it would be a setting or option on the hub itself but if it's there I'm totally missing it. I'm interested in keeping my firewalls closed except for specific reasons, rather than have something connected all the time.

Let me know!

Unless I'm mistaken there is no cloud access unless you enable cloud dashboard access. The only time the cloud is used is for first time product initialization and updates.. maybe there is some support access but I'm not sure.

The only other external access I can think of is if you enable services like Amazon or pushover etc.

This is what is very cool about HE!!! local processing...

Can you elaborate a bit on "cloud access"? Currently, cloud access only relates to any dashboards you create and that can be turned off in Advanced options for the dashboard.

The admin UI is not accessible via the cloud (unless you open it via your router via port forwarding).

I believe the only other "cloud access" would be the heartbeat and update checks to which could easily be blocked at the firewall.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I wasn't completely sure what was accessible but I thought some of the activity was, more than the heartbeat. Is there a document somewhere that goes into that?

Sounds like it's more effort than it's worth if it's just for updates. God knows there's plenty of that happening in my house already.

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Those are all outbound requests from the hub though. it's not like the server is polling the hub.

If you want to completely tie it off from the cloud, block that IP from internet access. Then it will just be local.

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Block internet access to the hub. That will disable cloud access.

There is a daily checkin to look for software updates and place a notification in the upper right messages area. There are also requests on boot up to NTP servers to set the time, you can block these and set the time manually in Settings.

If you enable any cloud connected app integration, Alexa, Google, Ecobee, etc. They will have secured cloud access back to your hub. Remove those apps to disable their cloud connection.

If you use dashboards, you can go into each dashboard and disable cloud access in that app.

Updates are not forced, you still need to go check for updates and actually do the update.

The hub will work without an internet connection.


Sounds like I'm overthinking it a bit. I think it's worth waiting to see what I feel is important in a bit. I have stayed away from Amazon and Google type things intentionally, but automatic updates keep life simple... :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help!

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