How do I deregister a second-hand hub so I can use it?

I'm setting up another Hubitat hub so I can use hub mesh. I bought one from Amazon as "certified refurbished" or something (but sold by Amazon itself, not a third party) and it turns out it was already registered, to xxxxx (I can share with an admin directly). Apparently the previous owner who had returned it didn't deregister it.

I tried a soft reset but it looks like the only way to deregister it is by logging into the registered account. I guess the old support email is now unmonitored and I don't see any other way to contact support, it all directs me to the community. There are a couple other "deregister" and "second-hand" topics but none are resolved or have answers. Thanks for your help!

Ooh, that sucks. I will tag @bobbyD to look at this.

The responses from support might be a bit delayed this weekend due to them all being at the CES show. But support should get back with you soon.


Thanks for the tag! That's fine too. It actually gets worse, I actually have another hub I'm setting up for my folks to get them on Hubitat, from Amazon as well, this one supposedly brand new, but it too is already registered to someone. :frowning_face:

I have both sets of UID and email addresses whenever support is ready. Understand CES is going, thanks for the pimp, I'd forgotten. We've had these hubs sitting in a box for a couple months now waiting for some time to get them going, doesn't hurt to wait a little longer.

Amazon sometimes puts returns back in stock when they shouldn't. I would request a new hub through @bobbyD. He is very good in dealing with that kind of thing.

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That's one reason why I refuse to physically return stuff to Amazon because you just know they'll resell busted or faulty to someone as working. That and fibro, and immunocompromised from chemotherapy.
I really want to waste the useful hour I have a day sending non functional crap back to amazon and risk catching Cv19 on top of that, because with my health issues that really will finish me off.

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Please check out the private message I just sent you. You should see a notification in the upper right corner.


Closing the loop on this one. @bobbyD had me send him some info via private message and registered the hubs to my account from his support end and had me up and running in a jiffy! Sure it was annoying to deal with the bonus step, but it was easy to fix. I'm sure the people who returned the Hubitat hubs didn't realize they needed to deregister them before returning, no big deal. Happy it all worked out and happy to be running some more instances of Hubitat, it's a great system!


Hello bobbyD,
I bought a Hubitat c7 from CEX and it came linked with another email address.
I tried to contact the previous keeper via email sowed in the admin panel but without success.
I have the Invoice as proof from CEX that I am the new keeper.
I did a soft reset but the registration remains untouched so I can use the device but not fully functional because I would like to subscribe.
Could you please, help me to deregister the device from the previous keeper, so I can register it for me?

Well now this happend to me too :frowning:
Bought a second hand C8 and the seller do not reply.
Started migration from my C5 and stuck as I can't register my C8.

Can support or bobbyD help out here?


I would just go here and select "Other" as the reason to send in a support request:

Seems like they are starting to want people to use that now vs DMs and chat on the forums. Possibly easier for them to keep track of cases that way.


Thanks for the info.
Did post a request.
Just hope they are quick as I need to get it done by noon tomorrow or I must return the hub.
Really want to keep it as I got a good deal.

This would be the better option.