How do I connect a Virtual Dimmer to a Scene?

Sorry for the stupid question, but I can't find it...

You select the dimmer in the scene setup the same way you would any other dimmer.

Do you want to control the scene with the Virtual Dimmer or do you want the dimmer to be controlled by the scene?

I would like to control a scene with the dimmer.

Maybe I do not understand the meaning of a Virtual Dimmer. I have a scene with 15 lamps. I would like to turn on the scene with a button. I would then like to brighten and dim the scene with a virtual dimmer (controlled by a Rules).

Maybe I should make a group? My problem is, in the scene, I'm using CT and RGB bulbs...

EDIT: I've done exactly that. I've made a group with the same lights. I am now dimming the group with the dimmer. It's working.

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Yup...can't "dim" a scene. A scene is just a collection of settings. Glad you got it figured out.