How do I capture a spoken TTS?

I would like so store locally, phrases that are used constantly, rather than run it thru TTS, over and over...

RM use of said data!

Thank you for your time.

The hub has support for local file storage and can serve them over HTTP, so that (or really any location accessible on your network) would work if your device supports providing local URLs for speech. Of course, these would have to be pre-made files, which you can create via whatever means you want. I'm not aware of any way to do this with Hubitat's built-in options, though a Mac can create a file with its engine, and I'm sure there are also lots of online options (and probably something on Windows, too).

But you might not really need to do this. I'm not sure what your exact goals are; the above would help you avoid the Internet completely, unless your device needs it to function. It should be noted that Hubitat caches TTS output after the first use, so you won't need the Internet after the first time that it's used (not sure how long they stick around; presumably there is some size or maybe time limitation) ... and that might be what you're looking for. :slight_smile:

That is exactly what I am looking for.
Metered internet, I would love to keep data flow to a minimum.
I envision an APP that takes what I want to "say" and returns a file name for storage and reuse.

I am using announcements in Russian language.
I stepped into problem when wrong announcement was playing.
This was traced to the Russian characters are 8bit wide instead of 7bit.
And I was told there is impossible to erase cached local files.
My solution is to use and store created files right on hub.