How can I tell when hub is safely shutdown?

I have two hubs. One is running radios and all automations. The other is running LAN stuff only. I have set up a basic dashboard and associated rules to allow me to reboot, shut down, and power cycle my main hub. I have it working very well. The only missing piece is knowing when it is safe to cut power if I want to. Is there any way that I can get the LAN hub to know that the main hub has safely shut down? I could then use it as a condition for cutting power.

Have you looked into using the community app [Release] Hubitat Ping as a means of watching for when the other hub (specifically, its reserved IP address) drops off the network? Makes a pretty handy virtual switch, useful for checking all manner of network-connected devices, servers, remote process, etc.

I use it to let me know if my Plex Media Server drops out, NAS has finished rebooting, or IP camera goes offline.


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