How can I tell if a Dimmer went up or down

Any way to do an IF statement to detect if a dimmer was increased or decreased?

I can make separate triggers (increased and decreased), but then i'd have to duplicate actions and conditions in each one.

Thats exactly what I want, but I dont have those options:

Oh....they are in custom attributes. Thanks! I would have expected it in "dimmer"

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While i now have this rule setup. It doesnt seem to actually work. No matter what I set the dimmer level to, it always subtracts one from the variable.

Probably because the level goes up, triggering your rule. Then your actions evaluate, but the dimmer already increased (that’s what triggered the rule in the first place). The condition after the if isn’t checking prior to the rule trigger, it’s checking since the rule triggered. So the rule skips ahead and goes to the else part.

I think you’ll need to re-do your rule logic.

yea sounds right. 2 rules and a global variable then.

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