How can I see my Lutron Keypads buttons in the dashboard?


Hi, I use Lutron RadioRa 2 and I would like to know how I can display the state of every individual Keypad button in my Dashboard, For now the Hubitat one but eventually the SharpTools one.



I'm sorry, I don't understand the question. You want to see the status of buttons? Aren't buttons "momentary things? You push...that's it. Do you mean switches?


A switch would work but also I was thinking on a way to visually see what lights are on and off.


Okay....that is not a button being pressed. Just put the lights into your dashboard and you will see their status. Done.


It depends. There are 2 possibilities.

  1. As noted above, if you just want to see the status of each light device, put each individually on the dashboard.

  2. If you want to see the status of a Keypad button (which is usually a Lutron scene that controls one or more devices), as defined by the LED light next to the button on the keypad, you can do it, but it's more difficult. RM has Button LED status available as a trigger (but not condition). The steps are:
    a) Create a virtual switch. It is what you will use in your dashboard
    b) In RM create a new Trigger. Choose Button LED as the capability. Select your Keypad as the device, with the button that you are tracking. The triggering event is "on". For Actions set your virtual switch created to "on"
    c) Because Button LED is only available as a trigger, set up another new trigger for "off"

  3. a couple things for @bravenel:
    a) it would be nice to have Button LED status available as a condition to avoid 2 triggers
    b) it doesn't look like Button LED status is working for main repeater phantom buttons. It works fine for physical keypad buttons. My guess is that it's either not programmed to work or the button-LED Component mapping is off. Keypad LEDs start at component 81 and main repeater LEDs start at 101.


a) I will have to look into this. I don't remember what the issue was with Button LEDs exactly, but my guess is that a telnet query (?DEVICE,id, ...) doesn't work as expected. If that's the case, then unlike other aspects of the Lutron system, the state of LEDs would have to be captured on LED events and stored in state, and the whole thing treated as a special case. This would explain why they are trigger events and not conditions.

b) I will also look into main repeater phantom buttons.


Thanks guys, I'll give this a shot this weekend.


I thought I'd use this to trigger an event to tilt my Lutron blinds using my keypad since I can't do it directly with the blinds. I'm following the advice from @bill.d above to create a trigger in RM, but I don't have "Button LED" as a capability in my dropdown list. @bravenel, can you tell me if this been removed, or am I just overlooking somehow?

EDIT: I should specify that I'm trying to use the button LED state to determine the current tilt status.


I don't think we ever implemented Button LED as a capability. bill.d said "it would be nice to have". I believe the problem is that while Lutron reports Button LED events, you cannot query for the current state of a Button LED. That implies that to implement it we would have to maintain that state in the driver, work that simply has not been done.


Ah, okay. Thanks for the explanation. I must've misunderstood Step 2 in @bill.d's instructions above. The way I read it was that you could access the Button LED as a capability in RM, but it's not available as a condition.


It would be interesting to see how you would implement states in multi-button devices. Some parent-child structure, I imagine.

In any case, Lutron LEDs are queryable. For example, to query the LED status of Main Repeater phantom button 1 (Device 1, button 1) in Telnet: ?DEVICE,1,101,9. The response is either ~DEVICE,1,101,9,1 (for LED lit) or ~DEVICE,1,101,9,0 (for LED not lit).


I tried this some time ago and did not get back two different responses. I will try again. IIRC the integration document describes what you have above, the actual result was different. If it does work, we could undertake to add this...


I double checked and it works for me. Make sure that you have the button to LED mapping for your device. Main repeater the LEDs start at 101 and a 6 button keypad they start at 81.

It would be great to be able to have a Lutron button as a device (implemented as a button/switch combination) as it would make it easier to call the buttons directly (as opposed to button X of device Y) in many apps. Thanks


Yes, it does work. We will look into what it takes to add it.


Hi bravenel, any updates?


Maybe a workaround that I can use until the feature is released, so I can check the state of a button before pressing it? The Button LED has an event but it is has turned on or off which is not quite what I want it.