How can I replace the email account with an active subscription?

My current email is going away in a few weeks and it is the login for the app, website, etc. I can’t figure out where to go to change it. Help.

You should be able to add a new admin email address by browsing to

First click on the “create new account” button and enter your new email address. Once it’s registered, click on the “registered hubs” button and then the “hub details” button.

You can make your new email address the hub admin there.

Do you have any subscriptions active on the hub? Like hub protect or remote admin?

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Yes, I have remote admin. How do I change that?

Because the subscription is tied to your existing email account, the admin cannot be replaced while the service is active.

If you are enrolled in the monthly Remote Admin you will need to go to your subscriptions page and cancel the service. Once the subscription expires, then you'd be able to replace the admin account. If you cannot wait until the subscription expires, please visit the following page to create a subscription case and we will be able to cancel the service for you earlier (just be aware that we cannot issue a prorated refund for the early termination):

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So I’ve added a new user (guest) with my new email. I’ve cancelled my subscription…. It shows as cancelled…. But I still can’t make my “guest” account an admin account as it is grayed out saying I have an active subscription? Help

Please see my earlier post... You can do it only after the service expires, otherwise, you will need our help.