How can I register a new IP in Hubitat

I had to change ISP and now have a new router and new IP address for my C7 Hubitat. I have not been able to change the IP in Hubitat and after trying about everything I could find online I also deregistered my hub which I can't seem to re-register. My app on the phone keeps looking for the old IP and I can't access the dashboard.
Can someone help me resolve the IP issue as well as how to re-register.
I've tried a soft reset and reinstall a back up.
tried unplugging Ethernet cable a pile of time.
reset hub by poking the back pin.
reset router a pile of times.

Any help I can get would be much appreciated.

Did you reset the network?? Look under the hub and find the only round hole and use a toothpick or something small that will press the button inside and hold it for a few seconds. This should bring the hub back into the default DHCP setting.

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I believe it’s for at least seven seconds, and you’ll know the hub has rebooted by watching the LED on the hub turn off, then back to blue, then green.

De-registering wasn’t a necessary step at all :frowning_face:, but since it’s been done, for now focus on accessing the hub again first.

Try using a web browser on a PC and go to

Does the hub interface load?


I ended up clearing the DNS in the network setup and then resetting the hub again. This time it finally updated the IP address and everything started working again and I was then also able to re-register my hub.
It seems strange the clearing the DNS seemed to do the trick but I am running again now and phone app is able to go to the dashboard.
Thanks for your replies.

You mean you were able to access the hub at its local IP address in a browser?

Did you change the DNS settings previously?

It may have just been the hub reboot that caused it to check in with the Hubitat cloud.

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This is one reason I do not ever use a router provided by my ISP. If I own my own router, I set it up the way I want. The IP addresses within my internal LAN will never change. If you use a router provided by your ISP, you are at the mercy of the ISP as to the quality and setup of the router.

I get a message from my ISP every couple of weeks emploring me to rent a combination cable modem and router from them to "improve the quality of my home network". The cable modem and router I purchased independently are among the best you can buy; but that does not stop my ISP from sending useless messages.

Even if you have to use a modem supplied by your ISP, such as a 5G cellular modem, you can still use your own router so you have control.

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I recommend assigning a static IP to the Hubitat hub.

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Using a lease reservation for the MAC via DHCP.