How can I motion trigger a dimmer ONLY if it's already off

I'm trying to figure out how to setup some of the washroom motion sensors to accomplish the following...

If the physical switch is used, it comes on at 100% and will only turn off when it is physically turned off at the switch (easy enough to do with the default level properties of my Inovelli switches).

If the switch is off and the mode is evening/night, then turn the dimmer on to 45% and turn it off after 5 mins of motion inactivity. (easy enough to do with a standard rule).

The problem that I am hitting is that I will physically turn on the switch (wanting indefinite 100% lighting), but then the motion sensor will see motion and the motion rule will kick in and reduce the level to 45% and turn it off after 5 mins of inactivity.

Has anyone figured out a way to do this properly (I can't see it as being a rare situation to automate)

If you get a physical vs digital power on you could key on that.

I would do this in RM. set a rule for the switch that has a has a required expression of level < 50. Then the trigger is motion and have it turn the light to 45 and off after 5 min.

Have the required expression set to cancel pending actions if false..

Motion will only turn the light on if it hasn’t been turned on by switch and will only turn it off if it hasn’t been turned on by the switch..

I only use RM and BC for automation so I cannot say how this would be done in SA, ML or RL

Use Room Lighting for the motion sensor activation. Limit activation to modes and when the switch is off.


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