How can I get a volume slider?

Now that HE has a couple device types for AV equipment I'd love to get volume controls working on dashboards.

I've managed to get volume up and down buttons by exposing a custom command I create for each via a virtual button device, then creating a rule to link the virtual device to the command and creating a dashboard button associated with all that.... But boy does that feel clunky to me!

What I really would like is a slider to adjust AV volume up and down more intuitively... ie nice to see where on the spectrum the volume actually is as part of adjusting it.

In my world I'm dealing with Denon and Onkyo drivers if that's important.

Any suggestions on how i can get that?

Off the top of my head --- you could use a virtual dimmer to simulate volume (0-100) and add that to a dashboard.

You'd have to use an app (Maybe RM could do this?) to sync the states. I'm not familiar enough with the Onkyo driver, but that could be a good place to start for now.

Does the driver you are using expose volume as an attribute or level?

I"m not sure how to figure that out... they are the onkyo and denon device drivers HE is supplying... I'd imagine "staff" would know far more than me about how it's exposed. I'm just using the exposed "volume up" and "volume down" commands. In case it helps I have tried to use the v.dimmer without success. If you let me know how to determine how the drivers are set up I'l be happy to look and report back! Thx!.

I'm traveling at the moment, so I can't look up much right now. So if you wouldn't mind looking at the device and see if you see a "level" attribute or a "volume" attribute on the device details page on the right side where all the states show up.

I suspect these drivers are using volume and not level, any ideas @mike.maxwell? Currently dashboard sliders only work with level but in a future release of dashboard their will be volume support for the media player and a new volume tile template to just adjust volume of a device.

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NO problem helping... when what I do actually helps! :thinking:
The answer appears to be volume is used, not level.

Any idea when such future release will be published? If it'll be 'in the fall' I'd like to learn how to develop that tile on my own... in the interests of "teach an impatient man to fish" sorta thing. Maybe it's as simple as replace level with volume in the tile def?

Well, all I can say is it's not in the next release. We do releases about every two weeks. So depending how testing goes, we will see. I certainly hope it's before fall. :slight_smile:

Can't develop your own tile but you could use maker API to set it via a url.

Thanks Patrick! version 2.x of dashboard has it working nicely now. appreciate the effort.