How can I factory reset my hub?

Upgraded from C5 to C7 hub and, now want to clear all device rules and account connections (factory reset) so I can re use the hub somewhere else

Are you planning on keeping the hub for your own use? If so, the following would be sufficient:

  • Reset the Z-Wave radio from Settings > Z-Wave Details if you're using Z-Wave;
  • Reset the Zigbee radio from Settings > Zigbee Details if you're using Zigbee; and
  • Soft reset the hub from Settings > Hubitat Diagnostic Tool (or the Tool directly, which this will take you to on a functional hub--just port 8081).

Technically, you won't need to reset the radios if you've politely un-paired/excluded all devices (or never used the radios in the first place), but it can't hurt--assuming you understand that you will not be able to restore a backup to this hub and have the devices work after resetting. They would require re-pairing like new (except for Hub Protect backups with Z-Wave restore, but this is not something I'd do if you migrated to the new hub using that feature).

If you are planning to give the hub to someone else, before doing this, I would also:

  • Log into your account at and choose Registered Hubs, then select the De-register Hub link below the hub in the list.
    • NOTE: This is not necessary if you plan on keeping the hub yourself; even if you want to register it to a different account, you can always switch the "admin" account from the Hub Details button on this same page without doing this step.

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