How can i do this done

Hi all,
I am trying to get ready to go to hubitat
is there a way to do this

This is a zen 15 power plug it has a sump pump on it when pump runs i get start time and date how long it runs it get sent to a google form then i can see it on a spreadsheet
thanks beau

I'm sure others will come along that can read that but for those of us that don't what is that doing for you exactly? I can take a guess but it would be better to not guess.

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it looks like you are sending a message with how long your sump pump ran, is that correct?

Just to be sure, you know that Hubitat supports WebCore as well, right? You can bring your pistons over from ST to HE and just change the device identifiers to their versions once you've moved them over to HE.

Unless you piston has something specific to ST it should work on HE as well.

Are you asking about that, or about re-creating the functionality of the piston in HE via Rule Machine, Node Red, or another community app?

I Had seen some post here that webcore was a problem so i was thinking i have to redo it or better way to do it in he

Absolutely works great, does not affect your hub negatively. There were issues in the past, not now. I've used it for some of my ST pistons I wanted to leave in WebCore and it and they work perfectly.

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