How can I change the Hub Name?

I have a new C-7 which I restored from a C-5. I want to change the name of the 2nd Hub one as they both have the original name, but the new Hub has an abbreviated version of the Hub Details screen that does not allow me to change the name of the Hub. Any suggestions?

Hub name was moved to Settings > Hub Details in 2.3.1 (recently released), but in previous versions it was in Settings > Localization and before that in Settings > Location and Mode. Verify that the new hub is running 2.3.1 from Settings > Check for Updates, then try again (or check these other places if you want to stay on old firmware for some reason, but with a brand new hub, I probably wouldn't).

This is my best guess given the above changes and the fact that Hub Details used to be a different, smaller page, so it fits what you could be describing.


Oh, I get it. I thought the restore included the OS version so they would be the same. That makes sense. I will update it now.

Nope, the Settings > Backup and Restore screen (and the "Restore from Backup" link after a hub is reset) only restore the hub database. The platform firmware/OS is separate and can only be downgraded by visiting the Hubitat Diagnostic Tool or upgraded by the Check for Updates feature (or in some cases also the Diagnostic Tool). The default backup filename from the first screen does include the firmware version in the filename, but I'd say that's more to help you identify in case you're dealing with a case where you need to match the firmware and database version (it's usually safe to restore an older version to a newer hub, but sometimes new updates have made backwards-incompatible changes and necessitate the use of an older hub database if you roll back).

Glad you got it figured out!

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