How can I change the Ecobee device name?

Why is it that I rename a device and 10 minutes later it changes back?

I mistakenly named my Ecobee Thermostat "Living Room" - I had a group called "Living Room" not realizing in Habituate they are displayed the same.

So I have renamed the Thermostat to "Thermostat" 5 times already and within 10 or 15 mins it changes back. What gives?

It doesn't.

Are you sure you aren't running into a browser cache issue?

Nope. i have changed it on 3 different devices with 2 browsers same result.

Are you changing the Device Name? Or the Device Label? If the Label field is populated, it will override whatever is in the Name field. Might that explain the behavior you’re seeing? Also, be sure to click the Save button after making your changes on the device details page.

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Also would be a good idea to know where you're looking. "Past Logs" will show the old name for some time, for example--until the earliest log entry (which determines what is displayed) is automatically purged after the space limit is reached. This depends on how log-gy your devices are. Just one example!

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It's because the name comes from Ecobee, if you need to change the name of your thermostat, you will need to change it on the Ecobee side.


well dang. yep. it was called living room in the ecobee app..

i just changed it - i’ll check in a few…

You need to change it in your ecobee account (web or app) Hubitat will pick up the changes from there.

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yep. didn’t connect the dots - thank you

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