How can I change the admin password from the Mobile App?

This must have come up before, but searching doesn't turn it up for me.

I've looked, and I don't seem to find the instructions on how to reset the Admin password. Yeah, I know.... I wrote it down. Must have written it down wrong. I can still get in on my phone, but can't seem to gain access with any other device, and I'm not getting the password right.

I still have web access. I'm just trying to get device access working on a second client. The instructions that are around seem to be for anything but Admin, and they all seem to lead to me chasing my tail.

since you still have access to your hub, go to your hub -> settings -> hub login security. edit (pencil icon) the user you want to update the password on. then select 'change password' and set it to a password you can remember :slight_smile:

My problem is it’s the Admin user. That doesn’t seem to show up in that screen.

Sorry about that. The forgot password was accidentally omitted in the mobile app. Please head to and follow the forgot password link. Also be sure that you type the account email in lower case letters only. Some browsers/mobile keyboards auto capitalize the first letter and the account field is case sensitive. That seems to be the most common problem when users are unable to log in.

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