How Can I Change Security=None To S2 With The Least Amount Of Sturm Und Drang?

Placemark a virtual device, exclude, include with S2, replace with placemark in apps? Tedious.
Could a Z-stick be involved productively? I used one to remove S0 on a couple of pesky devices.
It's not looking like a cake walk if you have to do more than a few devices.

No I think you've nailed it already with the procedure - it's not possible to change security in situ even with a Z Stick so far as I'm aware.

PS I had to look up 'Sturm und drang' - not heard that one before. I could use it to describe my daily emotional state.

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Easiest way is to NOT exclude. Factory Reset the device, pair as new device. Use Swap Apps to move all the automations to new device. Then remove the old device. This could leave you with a stubborn to remove ghost device possibly.

If you want to cleanly remove the old device then yes, would need to create a virtual device, swap apps to the virtual, exclude, include new, swap apps again. Its really not that bad with the Swap Apps.


Is that the same as using a Z Stick to exclude (while not set as secondary controller) so that the HE is unaware of the exclusion?

Can you change the security when you do a replace from the Zwave settings page?

No it's set at the point of inclusion

Probably would have the same end result yes. Still could be left with a ghost unless your stick is a secondary controller. Not sure how the hub would handle that.

Yes but you can only downgrade it, not upgrade it. Not sure if this is a SDK thing or Hubitat implementation. If you have a device that is S2 and do a replace you have the chance to uncheck the security options and include it as None, I have done this many times. You do have left over garbage though in the data section so I used a user created app to clean all that up. Its almost not worth the hassle.

I would add one more note to this to make your life a little easier when cleaning up ghost zwave devices -- Note the Node ID of the old device. The way I find is easiest is to then remove the old device (it'll fail, and the force will fail), then go to setup -> zwave details -> Refresh (it'll fail) and when Remove shows up, go ahead and do that.

If there's a better way to clean these up, do tell :wink: Just figured I'd round out the cleanup topic.

So I am going to add to this question

Do a virtual device and swapping is easy in some cases, but what do you do when you have devices that have Child devices.

Example, my Inovelli switchs have child devices for the Fan for example, or the indicators.

Any way to move thoese over? I wish there was a way to make virtual Child devices, that would be super helpful for stuff like this.

Back when I did a Z16 update to S2, I created an equivalent virtual device for each child, and manually swapped them in rules etc. Then reversed everything back out when I brought the updated Z16 back online. It was admittedly very tedious, but it worked.

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yea, not looking foward to it. I got about 10 , not a lot compared to some, but still.

HE !!! Make virtual Child devices!!! and make them swappable! <3

If its a Zwave device, you can do the edit the DNI trick. This guide explains it, it is intended for a full migration but you can use it for a single device. Migrating a Z-Wave Network

The important part would be, take the old device entry, rename the DNI add something to it like _OLD

Then exclude or factory reset the device whatever you need to do. An exclusion should not take the renamed device with it because it is not attached to that node anymore (you can verify that in the z-wave details list, no device should be listed).

Pair the device again, make note of the new DNI.
Rename new device DNI to something like adding _DEL to it.
Rename the OLD device to the new DNI.
Now the old device entry it attached to the new node.

You can then force delete the "new" device entry from the hub devices list (not from z-wave details).


Nice.. I did something like that some time ago before they had the swap option. I totally forgot about that.. I will give it a try.. X-Fingers.