How best to have a switch turn things off from Alexa

Afternoon, I’ve got a few rules where I ask Alexa to turn a switch on which then points to a rule and turns things off. Feel odd saying Alexa turn on bedroom to turn off items in the bedroom.

I think a virtual button might be best for this when pushed however what is the command to push the button through Alexa? Or how does everyone else do it? Cheers

I would use the "Groups and Scenes" app to create a group for all the bedroom lights you want to control with Alexa. Expose the "Groups" virtual switch (created automatically by the app) to Alexa with what ever name you would like to say. When you say Alexa turn on/off "group 1" she will.

It is OK to have a "group" with only 1 member.

Using "Groups" also allows you to swap devices in and out easily as well to change things up as the wife changes her mind I mean....

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Perfect will give it go, thanks!

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Scenes may also help for certain situations. They allow you to set everything in a room/house with 1 command. Say you want the lights at certain a color/brightness, some music on , shades down low, fan on high.... think you get the idea lol

Both have merit and good uses.

I do a few different things with Alexa. I have Alexa routines set up to control devices. I feel that setting up Alexa routines helps Alexa "hear" better. What I mean by that is she will react to the phrase that you set up like "kitchen fan high" or "goodnight". You can still use the "groups and scenes" virtual switch suggested by TechMedX or make your own virtual switch. I feel that making a routine works better than just exposing devices to Alexa using the Amazon Echo Skill. Just my 2 cents.


Was wondering about doing it direct with Alexa. I found the Sonos Alexa control a pain though!

Yes! Using Alexa routines expands her listening vocabulary from turn on / turn off to whatever you want. I say "Alexa, I'm reading" when I want to set the scene in my study. I've even got routines for things like "Alexa, you are dumber than a box of rocks" which elicits an apology from her for not getting the last thing I said right.


I send each individual switch to Alexa, then create a group in Alexa with that room name. This way I can individually control it or control the group through Alexa

Definitely agree with this. Instead of me saying "turn on garage plug" to open/close, I just say "open/close the garage" and my rules take it from there, but Alexa is controlling a virtual switch that triggers those rules