How are you using homekit?

So, I just setup a couple of devices on Apple Home. It's great!!! But... we have a bunch of Alexa devices in the house, so now I'm wondering how people are using the Homekit integration?

All of my automation through HE just work. So we really only use Alexa to turn lights on, for example, or to trigger our nightly "shut down the house" automation.

The one thing I can think of is that maybe Homekit will be better with geo-location stuff? *Turn on the garage light when I arrive home, etc.)

Either way, I think this is a HUGE move for Hubitat, and I'm really happy to see the innovation.

But, how are you using the Homekit integration?

I use it mainly in the car on CarPlay. Also presence, which so far has been very reliable. Also with the Home Screen the missus can just open the one app whether at home or away. Easier than opening HE app, then select dashboard. Or at least for her.

To me it’s just another method to control devices. We mostly use Echos in the house but not outside. I can tell my watch or phone to turn on the patio string lights.

Dashboard is nice too.

Honestly coming from the original SmartThings the Hubitat App is painful to use / useless for my needs. Hub Connect has made things easier however the new SmartThings isnt' my favorite so I never use it

HomeKit integration is awesome, I can control all my switches, and its FAST.

HomeKit lets you set up rules for turning things on / off but I'll continue to use hubitat for that and use this only as a way to turn things on/off.

Siri has been doing a awesome job with controlling lights by voice command.

My biggest complaint is if a light in the house is turned off HomeKit doesn't refresh that status quickly, HUGE delay. I've also mentioned this before, I wish I could see my non-zwave contact sensors.. I literally just converted all the doors and windows in my house to wired.

In terms of interoperability, homekit integration is pretty much the same as alexa. Instead of saying alexa, you say siri. It's main use is for devices that can't be connected directly to hubitat. Like echo, you can build rules on homekit that are tripped by virtual switches on hubitat to do things. Other's big happiness factor is that they like the homekit dashboard much much more than Hubitat's dashboard. For me that doesn't matter much as I prefer automation to remote control. I may enable the geofencing for it as it's much better. My main use though for speakers is for multiroom audio and my wife adding stuff to Anylist. So for the sake of sanity we're switching to Homepod minis and selling all our echos. (All 4th gen if you're interested)


I would like to, but can't justify the cost. But if Alexa goes down the hill as some seem to think, then I will.

Also if I understand right, the Homepods do most everything local, which would be a benefit.

Yeah most processed locally. I dunno, 99.00 a unit doesn't sound too bad. Even google units are $110 most places.

Depends on one’s preferred uses.

In addition to voice control and support for some devices Hubitat doesn’t integrate with, the Apple Home app makes for a pretty nice dashboard if that’s how a user (or some family members) like to interact with their smart home devices.

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Yep... mentioned that :P. Personally I'm looking forward to the better sound... And I know TTS is forthcoming for them...


Fine, make me read your whole post before I post a reply :wink:.

And before I’ve finished my coffee this morning :yawning_face:.


I switched from Alexas to HomePod minis. The main reason was for presence.

Using Hoobs, the Hoobs plugin Hubitat Tonesto7 bridge, the HA plugin Homebridge v2, the Virtual Presence with switch HA device driver and some automation in the Apple Home app, I have near perfect tracking of who is home and who isn't. I'm hoping HA can add the Presence device to their HomeKit integration.

The other thing is for a user interface. Everyone has the Home app, so they have control of things from anywhere. Plus, "Hey Siri" via HomePod or their iPhones.

My reading comprehension lately as been at the lower end of the spectrum lately... :rofl:


Our house is mostly Echo Dots. Have a couple Googles. We are mainly control vs automation. I have some automation, but our lifestyle is so disjointed nothing ever seems to be the same from day to day.

I used to be a die hard Android fan, but changed to Iphones a year or so ago. Like them so much better. Also both of us have Ipads and watches. So I'm a big fan now of Apple.

We hardly ever listen to music. Even in the car we never have the radio on. I play guitar and sing. Have been in a couple bands over the years. Still jam twice or more a week. But just don't listen to music that often. (Other than the obligatory Thanksgiving day listening to Alice's Restaurant. :grinning: ).

Wow I didnt think of that!

Our car doesn't have Alexa built in, but does have the CarPlay. Thus I can push a button and say Hey Siri and control things in the house. Helpful for us.

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For me;

  1. As the main Interface/Controller for me and my wife. Great UI and so great to have it on the lock screen. I now only use the HE app when I need to dig deeper, see a graph or get to my hub.
  2. Presence, which is rock solid with this community app
  3. Controlling my Apple TVs, kid-proofing

I also use Homebridge for my Lock and Garage as the Garage Carplay interation is pretty awesome (Button shows up when you are getting close to your house).

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How'd you get it on the lockscreen?


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Latest hubitat update is making the HomeKit icons quicker to sync to changes.

Setup homebridge to get the missing contact sensors on HomeKit

So far so good.

I figured, but Homekit (or the Home app) don't show up in my list of options of widgets to add...

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