How about a Matter Specific Subsection?

Hubitat Team

Would you guys consider making a "Matter" specific developer section? There's likely to be a lot of Matter-specific questions over the next year or so and it would be helpful if they were organized in their own section (logically, it would have made sense for other older technologies too, but it may be pretty hard to start imposing that now) ?

I've developed a pretty extensive set of Matter specific library files (GitHub - jvmahon/Hubitat-matterTools: Tools for creating Matter drivers for Hubitat) which can be used as library bundles. I was going to start posting information and "how to use" descriptions for them, but if there were a specific section, it would make sense to post there.

The functions include Hubitat event generation for many types of clusters, as well as revisions to all of the cluster 0x0003, 0x0006, 0x0008, 0x0300, methods to support endpoints and child devices, as well as named method parameters and parameter type checking I'd think these would make a good "community" resource, and a Matter-specific section for these might help with organization.


Great idea!


Sounds like complete gobbledy-gook to me of course, but thanks very much for the contributions to the community!