HousePanel URL to specific tab/room

Anyone using HousePanel know if you can direct the browser URL to a specific tab/room? I'd like to have a couple more panels in the house but have a different default tab on the FKB start URL. I created a user and tried altering the tab/room ID's but it didn't work.

Excuse my ignorance, but where are you trying to control this in HE? Is it the external Dashboard feature in the mobile app?

Tagging @kewashi the developer of Housepanel.


Just the URL to it in a browser (using Fully Kiosk on a Fire tablet). URL points to the node server port: Looking for a way to point to a specific tab/room like when reloading the dashboard from Fully (like on a tablet reboot).

So adjusting the URL link in a tile on a HE dashboard?

Not using HE dashboard at all. Using HousePanel.

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Thanks. was trying to avoid pestering Ken since I had him tied up on another thread last week :slight_smile:

Hi there. A few options for you. First. Tablets open always to the last tab clicked using cookies so make sure cookies are enabled. Then just click on what you want and it should be preserved.

Another option is you can make a specific user for each room and have that be the only tab.

Finally, tabs can be accessed using the usual html #tab nomenclature.