House Mode and Arming Failure (contacts open)

HSM arms and disarms when my house mode changes to Away and Home. Basically it works but if the delayed arming fails due to contacts open, HSM changes from Arming-Away but the house mode is stuck at Away. How can I use HSM or RM to trigger on arming-failure to set the house mode to Home?

Maybe this will help?

My HSM alarms are turned off/on by switches. But if the contacts are open and it doesn't arm, I need the switches to go back to off so that I can fix the situation and turn the switch back on. I just barely created this rule, so it hasn't had much testing... but seems to work.

It appears HSM goes into an "arming" state if a contact is open when trying to arm. For me, this rule turns off the switches, when the switches go to off it triggers another rule that turns the HSM to disarmed, so that the failed arm state goes away and it is ready to be rearmed.

What I don't know is if any other condition besides an open contact causes HSM to go to an "arming" state.

Ah, didn't notice the HSM Alerts type trigger before. Solved, thanks!

Along those lines, does HSM not arm when a contact is open? I was under the impression that it would arm and ignore the open contact until the contact closed again. Then it would monitor that contact also. I haven't tried this. Guess I should.

If you test it let me know. My impression and very limited actual experience has been it fails to arm at all. I've not put any windows on it for that reason. Sometimes I leave them open on purpose.

I think it fails to arm (HSM State reverts to Disarmed) if but only if a disarm alert is set in the HSM configuration panels. If no alert is set, it ignores the open contact and arms. I think.

I didn't actually test it. I found another thread that discussed this. If you have arming alerts selected then the HSM will NOT arm if a door is open. So I removed that from mine and created a Rule to notify me if a door is open when HSM is armed.

Here's that thread.

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