Hot water circulation

Newb to home automation. Right now I have a very simple goal. With a voice command- I want my google assistant to send a command to a hub which will turn on a switch for my hot water circulation pump. It should work for 2 minutes and then stop. If the pump was activated anytime in the last 15 minutes it should ignore the command. simple.

Work so far- I have a z-wave plug. Using google assistant->IFTTT->smartthings I was able to turn the plug on. Nothing else. I am good with scripting- but cannot make any sense of the smartthings universe and am abandoning it. Is there a very straight forward hub/system/setup I can achieve this with using hubitat?

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I do almost exactly this using Alexa and HE, no IFTTT, hope this helps


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There are many ways to skin a cat with Rule Machine in Hubitat. @toy4rick's rule exemplified how one can have a switch turn on for a defined time, and only during a designated period.

Here's another rule. This one lets the Hot Water switch stay on for 2 minutes, but only if the switch was not turned on in the last 15 minutes. In the latter instance, the switch is turned off immediately.


thank you for the quick responses. Seems straightforward enough. just placed my order.


ok all- thank you again- got my hubitat and a switch and implemented the above routine. Google assistant sends the command. However- when I activate it again within 15 minutes- it switches on and then switches off immediately. How do I send a command from google that is a trigger but doesn't do anything to the state of the switch till it runs through the rules?

Might be best to post a copy of your rule, I'm sure someone will jump in and help


You'd need to setup a virtual switch that turns on the physical switch.

Note that if you do this, if someone turns on the physical switch within the 15 minute interval, it will stay on.

Solved- working as I envisioned- thank you all.

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