HOOBS Accessory to Hubitat HUB

I have a host of sensors connected to my HUBITAT hub, I'm also running HOOBS on an RPI. I have HOOBS and the HUB connected using the MakerAPI plugin. It works great I can see all my sensors and control all my lights on HOOBS and on HomeKit.

I also have a DHT11 connected to the RPI and added as an accessory to HOOBS and on HomeKit to report the temperature and humidity of an enclosure. I'd like to be able to see the temperature and humidity the hub.

Has anyone tackled this issue? I don't know where to start with this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Last I checked, there aren’t many good options for getting data out of Homebridge. I’m only familiar with these:

Either one will require you to create the virtual devices on the Hubitat side yourself, and then keep them in sync using the middle-man (Alexa or Node-RED).

I’ve used the Node-RED one myself, and while it was tedious to get set up, it worked great once everything was in place. You can run it on the same RPi as your other stuff, and it’ll all stay local.

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I am doing the same.. but generally keep most rules in Node-RED rather than HE - keeps overhead low.

It should be no problem to sync devices in HE with Node-RED given changes. As an example I sync my nest thermostats (Homebridge) with my in floor heating thermostats (HE) when heating detected.

It will add more complexity, but there is a very good solution to this that @SmartHomePrimer pointed me to in a different thread https://community.hubitat.com/t/question-homebridge-to-he-data-flow-as-of-2021/70450/2

In my case, I am getting presence, smoke and CO status from my Nest protects into Homebridge. I wanted this information into HE and Node-Red. Based on what @SmartHomePrimer wrote, I found I could do this:

  1. Install Home Assistant (HASS) somewhere (in my case container version in docker on RPI4)
  2. Unrelated to the question, HASS will probably find multiple items on your LAN that it can talk to and offer integrations for them. (I added the Internet Printing Protocol integration to get info from my printer and the Synology integration to get data about my NAS, plus it automatically added or suggested the Meteorologisk institutt integration that got local weather (at my US location via Norwegian weather service) )
  3. Disconnect Homebridge (should also work for HOOBS) from my Apple Home
  4. Install the Homekit Controller Integration into HASS
  5. If you Homebridge is not connected to Apple Home, then the Homekit Controller Integration will discover Homebridge and ask for the code that is used for pairing. Entering it, then puts all of the Homebridge devices and there statuses into HASS.
  6. If you then want everything in Homebridge in Apple Home, then you must install the Homekit Integration into HASS (I haven't done this yet, but seems likely that it works well and is pretty straightforward)
  7. Finally, you should be able to get data to and from HE as @SmartHomePrimer described (I haven't done this because I already have extensive HE <-> NR in place).

This is my resulting data flow:

If you do all of this, then you should have access to anything that you get into HASS into HE as well. The first downside in my setup is that I still am dependent on Google Nest on the cloud , but everything else is local. The other is that HASS seems to give a path for a bunch of other information to get into my home automation world (including for example toner levels, NAS drive temperatures and Apple device locations, charge levels and charging status). Thus more things to automate or use as triggers for automation.


If you already have Homebridge running, you can add it to HomeKit Controller in HASS and the devices in Homebridge will appear in HASS. Then you can use Home Assistant Device Bridge to bring many (not all yet, but a good amount of them) into HE. This can allow you to expose devices that work with a Homebridge plug-in, back to HE by way of HA.

Several ways to do things. Options are good.