Honeywell Z-Wave Thermostat not updating dashboard

In searching for a solution for my problem with the Honeywell Z-Wave thermostat, I find things that are similar but I haven't really seen any solutions. The problem that I am having is that the changes to the thermostat heating or cooling setpoints do not change the dashboard readings.

If I change the heating or cooling setpoint with the custom app I wrote, the thermostat updates fine but the dashboard does not update with those changes. The problem is not limited to the app that I wrote. It will also happen if I change the temperature in the device page by entering a temperature value for one of the setpoints and press the "set" button for that value. Again, the thermostat will change but the dashboard tile will not change to reflect the new value.

If I press the "refresh" button on the thermostat device page then the numbers on the dashboard will update to the proper values but having to do that every the setpoints change kind of goes against my idea of automation.

This all used to work. Over the last few (or more) months it stopped updating the dashboard at some point. Not sure when. I was using the Honeywell driver. With the last update of I saw that the the Generic Z-wave driver was updated with that release so I tried it. Both drivers have the same problem, neither will update the dashboard. I will say that at least the updated generic driver allows the set to "auto" mode to work while the Honeywell drive would never do that.

I tried using the rule machine to execute a refresh action on change of heating or cooling setpoint. That seemed to work about once every 10 tries but not well enough to consider a fix. If I "run actions" within the rule page I get the same result. It works once in a while.

So, Refresh on the device page always works. Refresh in the rule machine works very little.

Does anyone else have this problem or does anyone know of a solution. As part of this question, is there a way to force a refresh from my custom app. Maybe a refresh from an app will act like the refresh from the device page??? Yea, probably a dream.


This same issue happened to my GE z wave dimmers.