Honeywell Z Wave Switches

I have always used GE Z Wave switches and have had pretty good success...but they are still pretty pricey.
I had seen a Honeywell Switch on Amazon for a reasonable price. I'm assuming that there is a good change it will work with a generic driver but wanted to ask if anyone had actually paired one and what their opinion is. These are 30 each whereas the GE are typically closer to 40


They're exactly the same switch as the GE. GE & Honeywell are both brand names used under license by Jasco Products.

There may be some minor differences between the lines, but I don't really think there are many if any at all.

Marketing FTW.


we'll...who would have thought that
I opened up a new GE switch i have and all of the stamps on the metal frame ( the face side at least) are almost identical. From the amazon picture of the can see a model number...ZW4005 ( or 4003...cant see clearly). The GE has the exact same marking. The only difference i can the GE stamp on the top left vs the Honeywell.

thats good to know as i have about a dozen of these switches and with the exception of 1...these have been reliable.

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but while im on a price thread...i did see a really good deal on GE (i guess Jasco) dimmers on Amazon.
33 normally 45. i need to buy these in bulk when i see deals !

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FWIW...personally, I like the Zooz switches/dimmers better....and today they're on sale for $21 -$22 @

If you want multi-point dimming, then these aren't ideal, but for single point dimmers and even 3 way/4 way non-dimming switches they're great.

I've heard good things about Innovelli too, although I don't own any yet.


ok - dumb question. What is multi point dimming?

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Dimming from multiple switches (dimmers) connected to the same set of lights. (e,g,in a 3 way configuration)

Zooz lets you use a dumb switch with a single smart Dimmer in the configuration, but only the Smart switch Dims. The dumb switches are on/off.

The Jasco/GE Enbrighten Add-on switches let you dim from the add-on switch as well as the actual dimmer.

Innovelli can apparently use G/Jasco add-on switches as well, presumably allowing dimming from multiple points.


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