Honeywell T6 thermostat help needed

After working well for a long time, suddenly my T6 Pro won't accept changes to the cooling setpoint from the dashboard. The other commands work from the dashboard, and I can change the cooling setpoint from the device page. I'll attach a screenshot of the logs; the entries at the bottom are successful commands sent from the device page, the ones at the top are commands from the dashboard. Any help on where to go with this will be greatly appreciated. I am using the driver from the community (I also tried the built-in T6 Pro driver with the same results).

I would suggest looking at the following thread:

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It’s a stock driver, not community written.


To confirm @ritchierich 's last comment, that was before I adjusted my post to link to the driver I included in my post...

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You can edit @bcopeland's driver as described in the thread that @sburke781 linked to. Or use the built-in driver for this thermostat.

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