Honeywell T6 Pro ZWave Thermostat for sale

I have a used Honeywell T6 Pro ZWave thermostat for sale.

Supports up to 2H/2C stages or 3H/2C with heat-pumps.

I've used it for about a year and a half. It is in excellent condition - I have very very rarely controlled it physically.

I'm selling it for complicated reasons. Basically, all Honeywell T6 thermostats determine when to use stage 1 or stage 2 based on "cycles per hour (CPH)". So it can start either in low or high stage and shift to the other stage based on demand and the pre-defined CPH configuration.

Because I need to occasionally run my 2-stage heat-pump on a mid-sized generator, I need better control of when the pump starts in stage 1 vs stage 2. So I switched to using a different z-wave thermostat that lets me control staging based on the temperature delta between set-point and ambient temperature.

Asking for $50 + USPS shipping (it'll fit easily in the smallest USPS Priority Mail box).


That's a nice price. I'd bite if I didn't already have one...

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It is also a nice thermostat. Just doesn't fit my particular current use-case. I wish Honeywell made a version where staging could be controlled by temperature delta. If I didn't already have a backup thermostat (ecobee3), I'd keep it.

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If anyone considering that is a really nice thermostat. Put in one over a year ago. Its been rock solid, and I don't think I've ever actually touched it more than a couple of times.

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I have 3 of these and all have worked well. Two are for heating and one is for A/C.

@aaiyar Curious what did you find to meet your staging requirements?

The GoControl zwave thermostat.

Thanks all - so many people have helped me on the Hubitat community that I didn't feel it was right to sell it. So I gave it away yesterday to another community member who needed a thermostat.