Honeywell T6 Pro ZW question

I just bought and installed two of them. So far so good. Installed in 5 minutes, joined the network without issues, all good. I didn't try anything fancy, The Thermostat Scheduler seems to be able to control them and the built-in stuff seems fine after 3 days.

One device question - All programable thermostats I've ever had have an "auto" setting where I set the heat point and the cool point then the thermostat takes it from there. For example, I set it to 68* and 80* heat/cool and it does its thing. This device seems to have a heat and cool setting and no auto setting. I found something called "Auto-Changeover" but I am unclear how that does the same as the auto setting. Does anyone out there have any info on this?

That might be a question for @aaiyar.

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You're correct. Auto Changeover is indeed the same as Auto mode to switch between Heat and Cool. It is disabled by default.

You can use Advanced settings to enable it (option 300). Once enabled, you can use the Mode button to set Auto mode.

All that being said, can I recommend you not enable it unless you have an outdoor temperature sensor connected to the T6 pro?

I use RM to switch between Heat and Cool modes using outdoor temperature updated every 30 minutes from DarkSky. And, I use a 5°F gap between when Cool and Heat modes are set to prevent short cycling and unnecessary switching between Heat and Cool modes.

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@aaiyar would you recommend this thermostat at this point? Is the driver pretty solid now? I saw in another thread you were having some issues, is that ironed out now?

No. I'm still using the Generic Zwave Thermostat driver.

However, I don't know if anyone else (such as @mike.maxwell) has reproduced the issue - so it could be unique to my unit.

In any event, it works well enough with the generic driver

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Ok, I might have to give it a shot. My wife is ready to get rid of the google nest because when you use the home/away modes to raise and lower the temperature when you leave, there is no way to schedule the thermostat to come back on before you come home from work each day. So when we get home the house is cold and then takes a couple of hours to warm up.

We could go to a straight programmable mode but then the days where we are away from the house for the whole day, it will be blasting warm air.

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I picked this one because its NOT a smart thermostat that is NOT cloud driven. I read lots before i swapped from the old ZWSTAT Honeywell. I'll keep people updated as I learn more.

Where can I learn more about the darksky integration? that sounds like a great idea.

(no personal weather station needed)

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It is also the only z-wave or zigbee thermostat that supports a 2-stage heat pump and AUX+Em heat (so basically 3H/2C stages).

I use Global Variables and Rule Machine to control it using 8 zigbee temperature/humidity sensors, rather than solely relying on the thermostat's own sensors.

I promised @zarthan to post my rules publicly, and I'm planning to (as soon as I clear my workload). I'll also clean them up before I post them. So far (last ~2 months), they have worked really well. There's been no heat pump compressor short-cycling and the house is comfortable.

Edit: also as @cj_rezz has pointed out in the past, the T6 Pro can also accommodate a single hardwired sensor (unlike other z-wave/zigbee thermostats).

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I'm fairly simple - living in Los Angeles all I have are two FAU units, each with a 1 stage cool 2 stage head standard unit. With my "open concept" house I am using the downstairs unit to heat the whole place and in the summer the upstairs unit does most of the cooling.

I'm not going to use the "auto-changeover feature (bug?), If the Thermostat Scheduler can handle the toggle from heat to cool I'm a happy camper. My current schedules kick in every 2 hours to reset the temps if my wife overrides them.

I have a couple of Aeotec multisensors I'll be using outside (under cover) for motion so I'll tap into those for weather info.

One very minor bug report on the Thermo Scheduler app. In the log viewer it doesn't show the device name or label. It shows the device type "Honeywell T6 Pro..." and since I have two of them i need to click in and read the log line to determine which is which.

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Hello @bryan1
I'm planning on installing 2 T6 Pro's at someone's house in the near future.
One for the top floor, and one for the rest of the house. (Large house, two furnaces).
Am I going to have an issue with specifying one T6 versus the other?

@aaiyar, I'm curious what happens with your setup if the hub is nonresponsive. Will the thermostat go back to working as a standalone thermostat?


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Nope - its only slightly confusing when you look at the selection area in the log display. You will have two instances on the Thermostat Scheduler,

***** Correction to my prior post ************
Not sure what changed but where the selection area on the log display used to say "Honeywell T6..." it now says "upstairs thermostat" and "downstairs thermostat". Much better.

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