Honeywell T6 Pro (built in) Driver

\I recently switched to the built-in driver for the Honeywell T6 Pro, and I am getting the following error message in my log:

Is there something that I should be doing?

Looks like it is still holding the schedule from my community version..

Drop this in driver code and switch to it then click clearSchedule

metadata {
    definition (name: "Scheduled Job Cleanup", namespace: "djdizzyd", author: "Bryan Copeland") {
        capability "Actuator"

        command "clearSchedule"

    preferences {

void clearSchedule() {

Unfortunately, I was unable to put that code into your community driver. I just couldn't get it to work.

Is there some other way to initialize the driver/device?

I think Bryan meant for you to create a new driver with that code. Then use that new driver to clear schedules before switching to the built-in driver.

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That's the way I understood it also.
The problem was that when I added that code to the community driver, it stopped working!

Don’t add it to the community driver. Create a new driver ...

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Let me try that...
I'll let you know.


Right. It is a temporary utility driver to clear out the schedules so you can go back to the built-in driver without the errors

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Sorry for the delay.
When I use that temporary driver, I get the following error message in my logs:

I then put back the built in system driver.

(Sorry for not responding earlier).

Sorry typo..

Should be: unschedule()

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Still get an error message:


That error is just saying it got a zwave packet and the temp driver has no parse method..

So, I'll assume everything is OK.
Thanks for all your assistance.

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