Honeywell D6 Pro thermostat to Hubitat

I am new to Hubitat, I have figured out moving most of my lights and smart plugs successfully.
The devices that I am struggling with are the Honeywell D6 Pros that I use to control my Fujitsu mini-split A\C units. I have seen a couple of old threads about the topic, but got lost in the details and the long threads. So decided to create a new thread to ask if there is a driver for Hubitat that I can use?
I believe the D6 Pro at the end of the day is an IR emitter that mimics the A\C remote control, so I can technically switch to another IR emitter, but I already have the D6 setup, and I don’t want to have to record all IR frequencies for every remote control frequency that my mini-split understands. Also I like its temperature display as well.
Any advice is highly appreciated.

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Not sure about the D6 Pro but I use the Generic thermostat driver for my T6 Pro and it works great.

Looks like it’s a wifi device, so it would depend whether Honeywell has a documented (or undocumented but reverse-engineered) API that could allow for a custom Hubitat driver to be written for it.

Remotec makes similar devices that send IR codes to mini-split and window a/c’s, but function as z-wave thermostats, and can work natively with Hubitat.

However I would not recommend the ZXT-310 linked to above. That’s not intended for use as a bridge to air conditioner devices.

The ZXT-600 is a better option since it is meant to be used with a/c’s. The ZXT-120 is an older device but also meant to work with a/c’s.

You’re probably using the z-wave version of the Honeywell T6 Pro thermostat? Unfortunately that driver won’t work with this device.

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