Honeywell by Jasco?

I've started seeing Honeywell by Jasco devices come up while searching for GE devices on Amazon. They look identical to GE. Anyone know anything about them? Is this just another Jasco rebrand?

Honeywell Z-Wave Plus On/Off Smart Light Switch, In-Wall Paddle, Interchangeable White & Almond |Built-In Repeater & Range Extender | ZWave Hub Required - SmartThings, Wink, Alexa Compatible, 39348

I don't but consider this..

  • I thought the Honeywell rear view made it look striking like the Inovelli.
  • Inovelli has been out of stock with some supplier issue.
  • Now Honeywell comes out with a device that looks striking like the GE.

Can only wonder.


Would really like to know if these work with HE? I am starting to buy more switches now that I have a basic understanding of my new HE and these Honeywell switches are $5.00 (each) less expensive than the GE's I already purchased.

If anyone can chime in asap, I would really appreciate it. I am looking to buy about 8 dimmers and 4 add on switches, along with the GE motion dimmers I need. These Honeywell units would save me $60.00, which is significant enough for me to take a serious look at them if they will work out..

The Honeywell branded switches have been available for 9 months or so. I don’t have any myself but I would expect them to be the same but different logo. You can always call Jasco support for confirmation.

I believe @Navat604 was the one who posted about them that made me aware of them. Maybe he has experience with them.

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I just bought 7 Honeywell dimmers and 6 fan switches - being installed on Sunday. Jasco says they are identical to the GE switches I already have installed. As mentioned they are slightly lower in price so I’m going to try them.

The z-wave command set and configuration parameters are the same as GE branded z-wave plus devices.

So it should work fine with the built-in generic z-wave smart dimmer/switch drivers, or the custom full featured GE drivers I published.

Good to know because I just ordered 8 of them along with the other switches I need to make a huge dent on transforming my entire house to smart switches... Unfortunately they do not make motion sensing dimmers so I had to get a few of the GE variants.
Slowly developing my mesh.
This is getting fun..

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