Homey pro just did it

They just did it with advanced flow .. what im asking for for years . A user friendy interface.
Congratulations hubitat...

So you’ll be getting rid of your Hubitat hub and using Homey from now on?


Homey Pro costs $399, more that twice the price of the C8-Pro. Plus, to take full advantage of the features of Homey Pro, you have to learn their scripting language. That does not sound quite as user friendly as you make it sound.


For me 'user friendly' comes with use of a product. I'm fairly sure that if I got Homey Pro it would take time to learn. With help from the community I've learned to do everything I want in Rule Machine. I'm don't see a huge benefit from a fancy interface.


As @marktheknife points out, there are some benefits.


I have been playing with a 2023 Homey Pro for about a month now which I know isn't a long time but I have yet to touch the scripting language so I am not sure I agree. I have not encountered something I want to do that I am unable to with the Homey that I do with my Hubitat.

It is neat looking. Wait until you see how many edge cases it can't do though. Ask me how I know ;).

Anyway, good luck with your Homey Pro. Putting this thread on mute before it gets silly (as it likely will :slight_smile: ).