Homey.ink / Dashboard / Possible?

Hey Y'all,
I am subscribed to the Athom emails and saw they had this a few weeks back and though it interesting. I am always inspired by the "show your dashboard" thread and this minimalistic one they put together it pretty neat. Also using a kobo VS a fire tablet / e ink over a full display.
Can a kobo run anything else / bootloaded ? (#lazyweb)


You can always try to just use the browser on a kindle device to try and access your dashboard. But a kindle browser doesn't handle Java, and I don't know what is built into the hubitat dashboard so you'd have to test it out.

It looks like those Kobo devices are more expensive that full Android tablets. So, not sure why you'd use one of those instead.

My guess would be the battery lasting for like a month on a single charge because of the display. But like you say, its more expensive than a full fledged android tablet.
I do like the stripped back design though.

yeah....but there are ways that you can mount the tablet with a power adapter so that you would never have to charge it. A bunch of folks have examples of that on the forum here.

yep - for sure.
Always looking for alternatives / different ways to do this.

Personally don't give much of a fig for the power saving aspects but love the look of that. It's nice to get away from the endless rows and columns of tiles.

Well, let's be clear...any solution involving this type of display would still have to use the default dashboard. Unless you are going to develop a custom solution for that too, like SharpTools or one of the other community developed options. That's a LOT of work.

Hi @stevebott123, how did you go in testing this with homey.ink/kobo?

I'm interested to know about this too; purely because there is no nearby power outlet where I'll be installing the dashboard. To have an e-ink tablet would be a great help not to charging it on daily basis.

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I didn't - no sorry. I would still be interested in it though if it was possible.

Just done a quick google search and found the following link:

The first one looks more affordable and can be customised, the question is now whether it can show the HE dashboard or not.

I might reach the seller and ask them whether they can try access my over-the-internet dashboard link and show me what it looks like on their e-ink display